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Day 100 with Lewy

Thursday was a pretty good day for mom.  Not a super day, as her mental confusion tends, these days, to be scattered through the day.  But she was pretty cheerful and upbeat and managed to eat her banana nut bread and chicken sandwich with no problems, plus drinking two glasses of coconut milk, and her usual bedtime yogurt. Cali, on the other hand, had a pretty bad day.  Yesterday was – tada – vaccination day.  I “adopted” Cali three years ago almost to the day and took her to the vet for her shots.  So all of her three year shots [ Read more... ]
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Day 83 with Lewy

Not such a good day yesterday.  Mom was confused all day, not just in the evening.  She seemed unable to finish sentences. In the middle of the day, she just came out and said “Now, don’t you tell me that [her brother] is dead.”  Then moments later she asked “How long has [her brother] been dead?”  She was also clearly confused about where we were, talking as if we were in her old home town and again referring to the other house that I have “up the street”. She did manage to talk to her sister, and I left her alone with [ Read more... ]
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Day 81 and 82 with Lewy

We did OK this weekend.  Mom was still on her plateau.  Physically pretty weak, mentally OK until the sun went down. We managed a bath after I got back from belly dance class.  And this time, no slipping and sliding, although mom is having trouble staying upright in the shower chair.  I am going to lean it back one or two more notches.  It can’t hurt and it should ensure she stays firmly in it.  The new technique worked.  I dressed her in the den and kept her warm by making sure she stayed covered. Oddly enough, she didn’t fade out as [ Read more... ]
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Day 70 with Lewy

Mom still seems to be teetering on the verge of having a bad spell.  Leaning sideways, bad appetite, and so on.  Could not get her to eat anything but her Panettone, some of the banana bread that I made, a bottle of Boost, and yogurt. I did manage to get the dog washed.  She wasn’t really “dirty”, but with her long hair she needs a good shampoo now and again.  Hopefully I will manage to bathe mom today. Cali and I made a quick trip to the bank.  She loves to sit on my lap and stick her head out the window [ Read more... ]
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Day 69 with Lewy

I’m pretty sure we are now on the downward slide.  I need to go check and count days.  This seems too quick to me.  She is tired, leaning to the right, and has no appetite.  Mental confusion is constant and doesn’t vary much – visiting relatives, action on TV moving into the house, two houses, two of me, etc. – but the physical – lethargy, weakness, appetite – fluctuates. Mom ate a good variety, but small quantities.  She had her Panettone, and then some grilled chicken, green beans, slaw, sweet potatoes, biscuit, but never much more than a few bites of [ Read more... ]