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Day 115 with Lewy

Mom continues to get up earlier every day.  And a good thing she did because her Physical Therapist, Annie, came before lunch and worked with her for an hour.  It was a good hour.  Mom managed all kinds of movement, which was good.  But, of course, when Annie left, she refused to work on any other therapy moves the rest of the day. I called and cancelled the Home Health Care Aide.  (1) She has to do up to 8 patients a day, and that includes travel time.  (2)  She does not like to use lifts but uses her own brute [ Read more... ]
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Day 114 with Lewy

Yesterday was pretty busy.  A quick walk of the dog, followed by getting mom up, fed, dressed, and made up for her appointment. Then we were off for the Swallow test.  The most dramatic part of the test was watching four techs plus the Speech Therapist try to figure out how to position mom to get the pictures.  They did not want to move her from her wheelchair, but then she was too low, so we had to stand her up and stuff pillows under her and put a foam bumper behind her.  It was, briefly, rather interesting.  I got to [ Read more... ]
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Day 113 with Lewy

Mom had a pretty good day yesterday.  She ate well – which I have to keep reminding myself is a big difference from a few weeks back.  And yesterday was her first day on Sinemet.  Too early, of course, to notice anything at all, but still we are hopeful it may prove the miracle that other people have seen, even if it is temporary.  We will take advantage of any temporary improvement. It was also bath day with our Home Health Aide, which was quite an experience.  I suspect we will cancel the aide just because mom cannot do the transfers [ Read more... ]
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Day 112 with Lewy

Mom had a pretty good day yesterday.  We continue with a string of good strong days with some confusion scattered throughout, but nothing dramatic.  Interesting trend. Cali, on the other hand, had a not so good day.  Teeth cleaning time.  She has a sore mouth and a sicky stomach and momma plans to brush her teeth religiously from now on!  No more teeth cleaning. Mom had her first OT appointment with Samish and it went really well.  She was tired and his exercises for her wore her out further, but she was determined.  She has always been determined, but her body has [ Read more... ]
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Day 111 with Lewy

Once again mom had the post-breakfast slump yesterday.  So, I am ordering some panettone and that cake is going to be eaten by me once the panettone arrives.  (Or tossed out.  It is probably too sweet for me.) Irene, our wonderful nurse from physical medicine, came to do the assessment and paperwork.  She indicated that the Home Health Aide could come twice a week to help me bathe mom.  I am excited about learning how to do a bath in bed.  I also figured out what caused the trouble we were having before and I checked on the bathing sling for [ Read more... ]
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