Just in case anyone actually clicks a link and looks at this page, I need to put something here.  My name is Donna.  I am the primary caregiver for my mom who has Lewy Body Disease.  (I am also the pack leader for a feisty little JRT named Cali, although the title of pack leader tends to shift back and forth on a minute by minute basis.)

This blog is both a journal for me – an outlet of sorts – a way to stay sane and to record what I learn as I navigate my way through what life is offering up these days – and a record for others who find themselves coping with the symptoms of LBD or taking care of a loved one with LBD.

It is important for people to understand LBD, more than other similar diseases, because medical personnel often treat all these diseases the same, and some drugs administered for symptoms of Alzheimers or other diseases can literally be fatal for people with LBD.  Let me repeat that – some drugs administered for symptoms of Alzheimers or other diseases can literally be fatal for people with LBD.

A little about me.  As a result of the important role of caregiver, balance in the rest of my life can be rather elusive.  I retired from a career in IT to care for my mom and to write fiction – something I have dreamed of doing since I was a little girl.  I have finished one novel and I am working on the revisions of another, but that is another story and a different website.

And, of course, being a writer, I read.  A lot.  Lately, I have been listening to audiobooks as well as reading books on my Kindle.  I’ve found that listening to audiobooks while I walk the dog and work around the house is soothing – comfort food for the soul.  I may talk about some of those books from time to time.

When I can, I belly dance for exercise.  Or at least I did.  I hope to get back to dancing in some form or another as I struggle with the aforementioned elusive balance (and mid-life weight gain.)  Maybe Zumba!

In addition, I am interested in the fate of the world – our fragile environment and its most vulnerable inhabitants – both human and animal.  So, I may throw in a few posts about those issues as well.

And perhaps, somewhere along the way, some other folks dealing with these same issues – caregiving for an elderly parent, grappling with Lewy Body Dementia, saving the planet for all of its inhabitants, staying sane in a crazy world – may pick up some tips or offer some as well.

This blog is anonymous for security reasons.  Those of you who know us personally, please remember that if you leave a comment.  First names are fine, but last names and locations are probably not a good idea.  Feel free to join in.

Thank you!

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