Day 119 with Lewy

Finally, the big testing day that we had to wait four months for.  Cali and I woke up at 4:30 and I gave up and went ahead and got started on the day.  I woke mom up at 6 and it was still a push to get her through breakfast, get her  dressed and made up, and get her into the car.  We hit traffic, as you would expect, but we made it on time.

The Psychiatrist surprised me by spending a half hour questioning me while mom was doing the tests.  And for the first time, we got what amounts to a diagnosis.  After reviewing mom’s records, interviewing mom and doing some tests, then talking to me, she said that she was pretty certain mom has Lewy Body Disease.  It was a relief, but it was also like hearing the other shoe drop.  She then said they wanted to send mom home – after two hours of what was supposed to be six hours of testing.  She said mom kept falling asleep during the tests, but that they had enough to work with.  She did recommend that I get someone to sit with mom while I was out of the house because her sense of time passing and the time of day were clearly deteriorating.

Mom was, needless to say, exhausted.  I managed to get her to eat a pretty good lunch, by constantly waking her up and helping her along, then she went to sleep and snored her way through the afternoon.

My brother came to sit with her while I headed out for belly dance class.  He tried to feed her some pizza, but he said she took one bite and went to sleep again.  When she did wake up, she wasn’t making much sense.  The one thing that she was clear about was that she did NOT want to go to bed.

When it was finally clear, around 10 pm, that she was asleep and would not really rouse even through her usual bedtime yogurt, I got her dressed for bed and into bed with little reaction from her.  She literally slept through it.  Which proves the lifts really work.  She is secure enough in them to sleep while I lift her into her wheelchair and into bed.  The only problem I had was making sure she didn’t just fall out of her bedside commode while I was trying to change her and dress her.  Once I get a trained caregiver in here, I am going to have them walk me through changing her clothes in bed for times like this.

She slept deeply through the night.  Or rather, she slept.  With her breathing I can’t say it was restful.  She breathes too fast when she is in this kind of state to be really sleeping deeply.  It seems more of a constant doze and a struggle to rest.  She is still dozing in bed nearly 11 hours later.  Bless her heart.

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