Day 118 with Lewy

Monday was not too bad, although she did ring her bell at 1 am and again at 2 am, hungry the second time because she hadn’t been awake enough to eat well the day before.  I got her some yogurt which seemed to take care of things and she went back to sleep until about 9 am.

But it was still a pretty bad day.  Cali and I managed to fit in our walk before mom woke up, a practice I think we will have to continue in the future.

The Physical Therapist came early as well, just as mom was finishing her breakfast.  She put mom on the electric mini-cycle we have (looks like this one) for about 15 minutes.  Mom had no problem with that at all.  She was excited that she could do it.

Then the Occupational Therapist came – a surprise, since we thought he was coming on Wednesday.  It didn’t work out so well for him, since, at that point, mom was exhausted.  She fell asleep on him a couple of times, actually.

After he left, things were made difficult by mom’s exhaustion.  She had trouble eating and couldn’t seem to stay awake.  There were moments of confusion and delusion, with mom asking when we were going home and which bed she was going to sleep in.

She did agree to head for that bed a bit early because we had an early morning today and she stayed asleep all night.

Tuesday, the big Neuropsych testing day…

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