Day 116 and 117 with Lewy

On Saturday Mom got up early again.  She seemed to be on her way to a good day, but then after she ate her lunch and I headed off to dance class.  As usual, I left a detailed note on the white board and told her several times where I was going and when I would be back.

But mom got confused while I was gone.   She was upset when I returned and told me she had been yelling and ringing the bell and I didn’t come.  (Since she was doing that when I walked in, I had pretty much figured it out.)  But she remained confused about pretty much everything the rest of the day.  People and situations on TV showed up in the room.  Lots of hallucinations and delusions about where we were, who was with us, and so on

I did finish my review read of my second novel in the “Kindled” series and started my revision work.  I hate revisions.

On Sunday mom woke us up at 4:30 thinking she needed to get up.  I managed to get her back to sleep, but as Cali and I were leaving for our walk at 8 am, she woke up.  I ask her if she wanted to get up and she said no, so I told her I would be back at 9 am.

When I returned, just as with Saturday, she had forgotten where I had gone and for how long and she was banging her hand against her bed table and screaming for my brother.  When I went in to calm her down, she said I hadn’t told her where I was going and then my brother had disappeared too (he wasn’t here).

The rest of the day wasn’t much better.  Again, many delusions, strange comments, confusing night and day.  She wanted to go back to bed after getting up, so I did put her back to bed, hoping she would nap and feel better.

Somewhat, but she acted as if she was exhausted the rest of the day, even having difficulty eating.

I wrote the doctor who prescribed the Sinemet that I was taking her off of it.

A nasty, nasty, no-good-very-bad weekend.


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