Day 65 with Lewy

As expected, a pretty good day.  Mom could hold her head up straight and remained awake most of the day with little or no drowsiness.  I need to go back and count good days and bad so I will know what the pattern of upswings and downswings is.

Her appetite is good, even though her physical weakness makes it hard for her to eat.  Panettone, a fat egg salad sandwich, a yogurt and fruit vitamin charged smoothie, and her usual yogurt.

The smoothie wasn’t exactly a hit because it took her so long to eat it and it didn’t stay thick enough, so we had to switch to a glass.  I may add either more yogurt or ice cream or switch to a shake recipe.

No real confusion until right at bedtime.  She refuses to go to bed then, suddenly, when I am getting her ready for bed, she is too sleepy to hold her head up.  I think I am going to insist on early to bed in 2012!

And once again, EVERYONE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! WOOT!!!  Cali seems to be improving, gradually.  No accidents in two days.  But I am being very strict with just rice and chicken, no treats, no nothing else.  Seems to be working.

The weather is so pretty that I think on Saturday we may dress mom up and take her to the park to see the ducks!

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