Day 64 with Lewy

Mom is on her way out of the slump.  The low point was probably the day after Christmas.  Not as along a bad stretch as last time.  Not a really good day, but not as bad as the day before – physically and mentally as well.

She ate pretty well – Panettone (we are almost out, so I am planning some homemade banana bread going forward), scrambled eggs with English muffin, some of my fabulous chocolate bundt cake (see picture!), and her usual yogurt.

Tomorrow, I plan to start making her an afternoon smoothie with her vitamins in it.  I am going to order some Cooper Concepts B12 to add to it (and take myself!)  I am upping her dose of CoQ10 to 400 mg a day.  It really seems to be helping.

She was a little bit confused all day, with the usual bedtime slump, but EVERYONE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! Which means something is helping mom stay calm at night and sleep (the CoQ10?) and Cali is slowly recovering from her “garbage gut” diarrhea with no antibiotic involvement.  YAY!!

I like the upward slope (up out of the slump valley) better than the downward one!

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