Day 63 with Lewy

The day started out beautifully.  Cali and I saw a flock of Cedar Waxwings in the park.  I had never seen this lovely bird before!  That’s two new bird species in the last two weeks!  And, of course, we fed the ever increasing flock of ducks – at least five different types of ducks – with chop corn.  I need to go pick up some more of that, plus some more peanuts for the new squirrel feeder.   My brother is going to put the new squirrel feeder on a fence post right outside the back window so mom can watch them.  It is a jar feeder which allows the squirrels to crawl inside and on top and put on a show.  She’ll enjoy it.

Mom had a bad day, but not quite as bad as the previous day.  She ate pretty well – Panettone, salmon and orzo and spinach, pumpkin pie, and yogurt.  Not too bad.  And she seemed to become more and more alert as the day went on.  So much so that she refused to go to bed until almost 11 pm.  *sigh*  At that point she was confused, of course, and wanted to set the table for dinner because we had guests.  She wondered if we were going “upstairs” to bed (no upstairs here).  Then she worried about other people who needed some place to sleep.  And this time there was a little boy wandering around out there somewhere.

But finally everyone settled.  Once again, about 1:30 am, mom woke me fearful that the heating pad set on warm at her feet was going to catch the bed on fire.  I removed it and determined, from now on, to just warm up the foot of her bed, then take it off.  And at 4:30 am, Cali decided she needed to go out.  *sigh*  Her diarrhea is getting better, but not as fast as I would like!

After that, everyone slept quietly until 7:30 or so.   Well, everyone except the caregiver, who tossed and turned a bit first!

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