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Day 97 with Lewy

Well, Monday was a little bit better than Sunday, but still not great.  She was talking once again, but the confusion and delusions continued to extend through the day.  She was still struggling with drinking her coffee then her milk although she managed her finger food. So much for “Little House on the Prairie” being safe for her to watch.  There was a show about a pack of wild dogs which went after the Ingalls girls and chased them into their barn where they proceeded to try to dig their way under the walls and chase the children into the loft.  [ Read more... ]
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Day 96 with Lewy

Sunday was yet another no good, very bad day.  After spending Saturday starting sentences and not finishing them, mom spent Sunday not bothering to even start them.  She managed to eat her cinnamon raisin toast, but didn’t manage to drink her coffee.  I had to go in and help her drink the coffee sip by sip.  It could be that the cup was too heavy since she could manage the little pieces of toast.  She did manage to eat her chicken sandwich (again, little pieces), but couldn’t manage her milk.  Again, I had to go in and constantly coax her [ Read more... ]
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Day 95 with Lewy

I am making an exception about doing just one post for the weekend.  Saturday was a weird day that turned into a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  We were basically in Walnut Grove for most of the day.  Mom has been watching Little House on the Prairie, which seemed like a safe choice.  But on Saturday the Ingalls family visited us – Pa, Ma, and the girls and we had snow and hail and all kinds of 19th century excitement in the house. I was working on reorganizing the kitchen – doing paint touch ups, pulling out the VERY [ Read more... ]
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Day 94 with Lewy

Another confusing day.  Physically mom seems about the same, but her mental state is sort of all over the place.  Instead of starting the day doing well, she started yesterday already confused about where she was and who was in the house.  Then, once she settled in her chair and started watching TV, she continued to confuse what was happening on TV with reality.  During the cooking shows (I hate that Hallmark has cooking shows for this reason!) she wanted me to feed her what I just cooked, usually something they just cooked on TV.  While the repairman was here [ Read more... ]
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Day 93 with Lewy

Well, today we finally saw Dr. Quiceno, the neurologist specializing in Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia at UTSW.  After talking to us for a while and reviewing my list of mom’s symptoms, Dr. Quiceno administered a simple cognitive test.  She then told us that, based on mom’s physical symptoms, she would refer her to Dr. Khemani, a movement disorders specialist in Neurology.  She would also schedule an Electromyogram and Nerve Conduction Study (next week) and more than likely, Dr. Khemani would do metabolism studies (PET and SPECT) to determine, if possible, if there were Lewy Bodies in the brain.  She [ Read more... ]
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