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Caregiver Santa

Santa has managed to pile up some pretty darn good gifts for mom.  A heated throw, a memory foam pillow, new bedroom slippers, a wheelchair-friendly running suit and nightgown, a big-piece puzzle, and her stocking full of candy, puzzles, playing cards, lipstick, perfume, and other goodies.  Oh yes, and the traditional little stuffed toy for the top and tangerines for filler.  (At this point, mine will be mostly filler!) I also scheduled a facial and massage for her for tomorrow as an additional gift.  She hasn’t had one in a long time and the massage is really helpful.  The technician is [ Read more... ]

Day 57 with Lewy

Yep, apparently mom telegraphs when she is heading into a bad day.  I saw it coming the night before and yes, indeed, yesterday was a bad day.  Not a terrible day, just a bad one. First, she started out unable to finish thoughts or to get the words to form properly.  Then she couldn’t even get up the energy, mental or physical, to finish a whole cup of coffee.  She seemed to forget she had it in her hand.  She did manage her Panettone though.  I coaxed half a sandwich into her a bite at a time, plus a bottle of [ Read more... ]
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