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Solstice Approaches

I never really noticed the shortened days of winter before.  Oh, when I was commuting (long ago), and I managed to get out of the office before 8 pm, I would notice that it was dark by 6 pm and grouse a bit.  I was a workaholic.  No, make that I am a workaholic. But now, with mom’s mental state seeming to echo the course of the sun through the sky, I really notice the quickly encroaching dark.  Our backyard is on the east side of the house and so goes dark earlier.  Mom uses that window as her clock.  What [ Read more... ]

Day 53 with Lewy

Interesting day yesterday.  Mom was strong enough for a shower, so that was good.  Although we had a bit of a time getting her dressed afterward.  I am SO hopeful that the new lift will take care of that rather slippery problem.  It is just tough to dress her when she is still slightly damp and just thoroughly coated with wonderful scented shea butter cream.  But she got nice and clean and was happily back in her chair under a heated throw.  (My methodology for heating her throws is a nice toss in the dryer on high.) She was having an [ Read more... ]
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