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Day 66 with Lewy

Mom is still on her upswing, but I couldn’t get her to cooperate and get in the shower for me yesterday.  She fussed about treating her hair with oil last night though.  I told her no oil without a shower the same day (it turns her gorgeous white hair yellow when she leaves it on overnight).  I suspect we won’t manage to get a shower done until Sunday, but we’ll get it done this weekend. Mom ate well – Panettone, turkey sandwich, Kashi pizza, and her yogurt.  But something she ate yesterday really upset her digestive system.  Luckily, no mess, but [ Read more... ]
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Day 65 with Lewy

As expected, a pretty good day.  Mom could hold her head up straight and remained awake most of the day with little or no drowsiness.  I need to go back and count good days and bad so I will know what the pattern of upswings and downswings is. Her appetite is good, even though her physical weakness makes it hard for her to eat.  Panettone, a fat egg salad sandwich, a yogurt and fruit vitamin charged smoothie, and her usual yogurt. The smoothie wasn’t exactly a hit because it took her so long to eat it and it didn’t stay thick enough, [ Read more... ]
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And the New Year Approaches

As 2012 looms ahead, everyone is thinking of resolutions, new beginnings, shedding the burdens of the past year (including weight) and so on.  I have been thinking a lot about spiritual things lately, in addition to worrying about how all the negativity of the news about the environment, our treatment of our fellow creatures – human and otherwise – and religious extremism of all kinds is affecting me.  I also have to figure out a way to lose weight and tone up because that is getting harder these days too.  And, I have to break my writer’s block and start [ Read more... ]

Day 64 with Lewy

Mom is on her way out of the slump.  The low point was probably the day after Christmas.  Not as along a bad stretch as last time.  Not a really good day, but not as bad as the day before – physically and mentally as well. She ate pretty well – Panettone (we are almost out, so I am planning some homemade banana bread going forward), scrambled eggs with English muffin, some of my fabulous chocolate bundt cake (see picture!), and her usual yogurt. Tomorrow, I plan to start making her an afternoon smoothie with her vitamins in it.  I am going [ Read more... ]
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Day 63 with Lewy

The day started out beautifully.  Cali and I saw a flock of Cedar Waxwings in the park.  I had never seen this lovely bird before!  That’s two new bird species in the last two weeks!  And, of course, we fed the ever increasing flock of ducks – at least five different types of ducks – with chop corn.  I need to go pick up some more of that, plus some more peanuts for the new squirrel feeder.   My brother is going to put the new squirrel feeder on a fence post right outside the back window so mom can watch [ Read more... ]
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