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Day 35 with Lewy

As expected, yesterday was a foggy day for everyone.  Mom slept pretty much all day and I wandered around in a bit of a haze.  But I did manage to get the grocery shopping fit in.  I’m getting faster and more efficient at it.  I’m sure people in the stores wonder what the heck the rush is when I fly by on my quest for mom’s coconut milk creamer or almond butter.  To cut down on the time away from mom, I do a lot of shopping online these days – a lot.  You would be surprised the things that [ Read more... ]
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Day 34 with Lewy

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, right up until about 5 am this morning.  And I wish I knew why.  I think I am going to start tracking what she eats in detail, just to see if there is any correlation to the really bad days. First we had the inability to finish sentences – to find the right word or any word at all.  Then, once the sentences finally started coming in the afternoon, we had excessive sleepiness and a complete inability to eat or drink, even finger food – the food and the cups were [ Read more... ]
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The Other Donna

Most of my posts up until now have been a bit dry and clinical, I realize.  You have to understand that I am left-brained and linear to a fault.  But doing this in a way that will help other people is going to require rolling over and exposing a bit more of the personal side of this – the right-brained, disorganized, emotional stuff. Yesterday I put up a filtered post in Facebook and emailed some relatives and friends about Mom hoping that they will spread the word.  Letting people know about Mom’s LBD became necessary after she got into an argument [ Read more... ]

Day 33 with Lewy

Another day of being tuckered out from Thanksgiving.  Mom slept until noon today, after going to sleep at 10 the night before.  Fourteen hours of sleep.  And she wanted to stay in bed when I finally woke her up, but I managed to get her up and about using the lift and the lure of fresh brewed coffee. My brother came to see her in the afternoon, which was wonderful.  They had a nice visit, although she was so tired that she was fading in and out a bit.  Her confusion wasn’t as evident, but I think we’ve gotten accustomed to [ Read more... ]
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Day 32 with Lewy

It seems as if when the physical symptoms show up the mental ones retreat.  Perhaps it’s just that, being so sleepy, Mom doesn’t talk as much and so the mental symptoms aren’t as obvious.  But yesterday she struggled to stay awake all day.  And she wasn’t able to feed herself, at least anything but finger food.  She had a good appetite though and ate a good breakfast (Panettone!) and one other good meal – meat loaf and potatoes, plus her evening yogurt and plenty of her favorite vanilla coconut milk. But she was back to the “Lewy lean” – leaning so [ Read more... ]
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