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And the New Year Approaches

As 2012 looms ahead, everyone is thinking of resolutions, new beginnings, shedding the burdens of the past year (including weight) and so on.  I have been thinking a lot about spiritual things lately, in addition to worrying about how all the negativity of the news about the environment, our treatment of our fellow creatures – human and otherwise – and religious extremism of all kinds is affecting me.  I also have to figure out a way to lose weight and tone up because that is getting harder these days too.  And, I have to break my writer’s block and start [ Read more... ]

Caregiver Santa

Santa has managed to pile up some pretty darn good gifts for mom.  A heated throw, a memory foam pillow, new bedroom slippers, a wheelchair-friendly running suit and nightgown, a big-piece puzzle, and her stocking full of candy, puzzles, playing cards, lipstick, perfume, and other goodies.  Oh yes, and the traditional little stuffed toy for the top and tangerines for filler.  (At this point, mine will be mostly filler!) I also scheduled a facial and massage for her for tomorrow as an additional gift.  She hasn’t had one in a long time and the massage is really helpful.  The technician is [ Read more... ]

Solstice Approaches

I never really noticed the shortened days of winter before.  Oh, when I was commuting (long ago), and I managed to get out of the office before 8 pm, I would notice that it was dark by 6 pm and grouse a bit.  I was a workaholic.  No, make that I am a workaholic. But now, with mom’s mental state seeming to echo the course of the sun through the sky, I really notice the quickly encroaching dark.  Our backyard is on the east side of the house and so goes dark earlier.  Mom uses that window as her clock.  What [ Read more... ]

The Other Donna

Most of my posts up until now have been a bit dry and clinical, I realize.  You have to understand that I am left-brained and linear to a fault.  But doing this in a way that will help other people is going to require rolling over and exposing a bit more of the personal side of this – the right-brained, disorganized, emotional stuff. Yesterday I put up a filtered post in Facebook and emailed some relatives and friends about Mom hoping that they will spread the word.  Letting people know about Mom’s LBD became necessary after she got into an argument [ Read more... ]